Dear Home Visitors,

The number of Home Visitors has grown quite fast – to 67 so far, and many of you have now done your first Home Visit. Of course, some of you have done five or six! We do still need more HVs particularly in Yorkshire, Bristol and London. Please ask your friends and colleagues…

And we have now made more than 40 placements: some for only a night or two but others for much longer – up to four months. Some for a single man, others for a family of three or a mother and baby.

A favourite story from this month: One of our long-standing hosts is about to move in with her boyfriend but she was worried about what would happen to her guest: a refugee who got status last year and has exams this month to become a UK Human Rights lawyer. The new host had to be not too far from the exams. Could we find somewhere for him to go? We started work on it but not fast enough… a room came up in the house-share she is moving into, and “her” refugee is moving with her. We hope he will be through the exams, independent and earning a living as a lawyer before the summer is through. That’s real commitment from a host, isn’t it?

In other news: the Surrey hub is up and running. It meets at a café run by a Syrian in Epsom and at hosts’ homes around the county. So far there has been a silent film evening and a birthday dinner.  As we have two Iranian families of three people each being hosted in Surrey at the moment, these are quite busy events.

We have written a “How to start up a hub” so if anyone has a couple of hosts or more not too far from each other and wants to get one going, please let us know.

We have high hopes of hubs starting in West London and Bristol fairly soon.

We are working on an information resource by location – based on a combination of your and hosts’ experience, flagrant poaching from Facebook pages and research by Katie Ross (one of our core volunteers). We hope it will be a guide to what might be available in any area to support guests and hosts. It will probably go on the website unless anyone has a better idea. If you have information to add, please let us know.

Meanwhile, the FAQs are up on the website and might help with the tricky issues at the bottom of the form.

Suggestions for additions are more than welcome.

Is there anything – or any information – which would help make the life of a Home Visitor easier? If you have suggestions, please let us know at

Once again, very many thanks and good wishes,

Sara & Nina and the core team

Refugees At Home