Dear Home Visitors,

We are well on the way to winter and therefore demand for hosting is high. The odd night in a park doesn’t have the charm it might have during the summer, it’s too beastly cold. I know we have contacted many of you recently to carry out new visits or to check about ones that have been assigned some time. We are really fierce about not using a host until they have been visited so, if there is a surge in hosts, we need you guys even more.

At the moment we are working hard at acquiring new hosts, getting them visited and then making placements while trying to outline, finance and establish a scheme for giving help with travel costs to guests of hosts who would find it hard to provide this extra.

Aviva appeal

So we have applied to the Aviva community fund and hope for a substantial grant.  To achieve that, we need your help. You may have seen our mailing (and if you have responded already, many thanks)

The link is:

Every email address has ten votes. Every member of your household can vote.  Please, please do so.  We are doing well but other groups are ahead of us.  And £10 – 25,000 is at stake!

When you’ve voted, can you share with all your networks – particularly those rooting for refugees. Closing date November 18th.

Placements and figures

We had made 213 placements by 3 November, which is a huge growth. And that’s  7,424 hosted nights – which is really quite a few – almost all since early February.

We have 193 hosts who are ready to host or actually hosting and another 122 unassessed. A lot of the latter have Home Visitors assigned and should be ready by the end of the month, others either aren’t ready to host or live somewhere where we don’t yet have a Home Visitor.

And we have 137 Home Visitors who have a “high” interest in helping Refugees At Home. But we could always use more, so if you have colleagues who seem sympathetic do please put them in touch. They can now register online as a Home Visitor and it’s really very easy.

New recruits and old media.

Our biggest single source of HVs is through Community Practitioner Journal – 25 of you, of which 19 are really engaged. This came originally from a tiny post in March this year – just 100 words. For the October edition, I wrote a proper feature with three of our HVs taking part. You can read it here.

And quite a few more of you got in touch after that.


One of our HVs, Diane Corderoy, has suggested you may want to offer the hosts you visit the opportunity to offer feedback as this could not only help us learn and improve, but if you are a registered nurse, it may also provide valuable evidence for revalidation.  She has  drafted a form for this (which is attached to this newsletter) and would value your feedback and suggestions to improve the form.  Diane has volunteered to be the first point of contact should you want to refer anything back to the R@H admins. Her email address is ********@*****.com

Reassigning Home Visitors

One of our first HVs decided to go off round the world (how very dare she?) so we had to reassign “her” hosts. Many thanks to the existing HVs who took over responsibility and ensured that all our hosts have someone with whom they can get in touch and who will be a friendly and supportive presence.

Once again, very many thanks for all your work and support and good wishes,

Sara, and the core admin team

Refugees At Home