I am delighted to inform you that I am settled down in my new place now. People at work are very nice. They appreciate me and empower me and I am really grateful for that. Now it feels like I am writing a new chapter and my plan is to make it more cheerful and less stressful, so let’s see 😉

I would like to thank you for standing by me while I was in desperate need for support. It is never easy to start living in a new country, a new society with different traditions and different ways of doing even the simplest everyday tasks. It is scary but your support makes it more bearable.

Thank you for embracing and empowering me; for showering me with your humanity, kindness and care. Thank you for being brave to accept the idea of opening your home to a total stranger. I have two nice families in UK now and that’s more than I can ever dream about. My memory is not as strong as before but I will never forget the Christmas tree, the new baby arrangements, my attempts to cook, doing art with the kids and many other things that shined my days and gave me strengths.

Thank you all for supporting this initiative. You are helping us keep hope. Hopefully one day we can do the same and help others keep hope as well