Honestly, since the day I moved to my host house I was wondering about when the time comes to leave and move on with my life, on the best way to say thank you to you and your very respectable charity organization and to the wonderful host family.

There are no words, not even in Arabic which I master and know very well, nor in the little English I know, I can express or describe the amount of thanks and gratitude, I myself and my humble family back in my beloved Sudan, carry to Refugees At Home and my hosts.

The almost four months I spend with my hosts has been very successful in putting me on the right frame of mind and also the right track to lead inshallah a respectable dignified life here in my second home the UK.

It introduced me again to a system and the nice friendly routine of the family life, which I missed so much during my 5 years of hardship and destitution. It was a transformation period for my mental & physical health from weakness, low esteem and despair, to strength, confidence, determination, certainty, surety and the will to make a good life and success in a completely different society, environment, traditions and culture

Thanks the Lord that now inshallah on the 15th June I will start a part time job with Ben & Jerry ice cream Company, plus also there some other opportunities to do some other side jobs.

Fortunately I found a room on Holloway for a £110/week which I can afford now for the time being. It is not a great one but will serve my purpose in my current circumstances.

Hopefully inshallah before the end of the next week I shall be moving out from my hosts.

I carry nothing but sincere thanks and gratitude to both of you.

This time I spent with my hosts has a special positive visible distinct period in my troubled journey from the slime of oppression and injustice to the life of respect, freedom, equality and justice.

I sincerely hope that my vacant bed will serve another brother or sister, in need of this valuable support.

I sincerely hope that Refugees At Home, if there is any need for me to help or volunteer in any capacity I can perform in, not to hesitate to contact me.

Wish you all the best and may God bless.