A New Normal is a series of six 30 minute documentaries featuring the audio diaries of six Syrians as they attempt to lay down roots in their countries of asylum. With diarists in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Turkey the series is intended to give an intimate insight into the day-to-day experience of trying to start life from scratch in an alien country, having left everything you know behind.

Episode 2: EIAD’S DIARY (London, UK)

Eiad is a 31 year old dentist from Damascus. He reached the UK by smuggling himself onto the back of a lorry in late 2014, and since then he has been trying to find his place in the country’s capital city. Through his diaries we hear how his approach is to this new life is to ensure that he is always extremely busy – filling days with meetings, volunteer work, studies and speaking engagements – but finding a place to really call home is far from simple.

Refugees at Home has accommodated him in SW London for several months, allowing him to focus on work towards getting his English and Dentistry qualifications.