Dear Hosts, Home Visitors & Supporters,

We’re a REAL charity now!

After months of work by our treasurer, Donna Williams and support from our lovelylawyers, Travers Smith, we got full charitable status on March 29 2018.

It’s a huge relief as it makes us really established and means we can do proper fundraising as required.

And there is quite a bit:

One host immediately sent a LARGE cheque – and even better – persuaded their employer to match it – we do think matching funds might be an ace way forward.

Barnaby Hopson, who volunteers with grant applications, is a keen runner and he raised £2,500 while breaking the Guinness world record for running a marathon dressed as an insect – and at the hottest (or swarmest if you’re up for bee jokes) London marathon ever.

And we just got our first real grant: £10,000 from NACCOM, the umbrella organisation for hosting groups which was a beneficiary of the Guardian Xmas appeal last December.


 We know starting to host or becoming a Home Visitor can be quite daunting and people need different levels of support. Even experienced hosts sometimes find they face a new challenge.

So we have tried to pool expertise and experience and

Ruth has beavered away to produce separate handbooks for HOSTS, HOME VISITORS and GUESTS.

You can find the first two here and we will send the guest one round next time.



We are getting the guest handbook translated into the most common languages and hope our guests and referrers will find it accessible.

We think that everyone will find hosting more enjoyable and easier if some of the basics (stick to the house rules, let your host know if you are not coming home, turn up when you say you will) are clearly expressed.

We hope the handbooks will increase confidence and boost the joys of hosting.

If you have any comment, please email

Placements & data

We are now over 70,000 individual hosted nights – that’s more than three whole lifetimes’ worth of nights spent somewhere safe and warm with people who only want to help and support theirguests.

We have made over 1,000 placements.

And we have managed to pull some of the most gripping data together – or rather Rachel and Chris have – hats off to them.

We thought you all might be interested in this Impact Report – and hope funders and journalists might find it useful too.


Talking back to the admin team.

One request: we thrive on information! While we will email hosts about a week before a placement is noted as due to end, if your guest has left early or you know you will host for longer, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Likewise Home Visitors – whether you can or can’t do a home visit, do please tell us quickly. We can’t guess!


These are the new data regulations… You have probably already had emails from all sorts of organisations and charities asking you to continue to allow them to contact you. Of course it’s VITAL that we still can – or we can’t make placements.

Ruth and Travers Smith are working on how the new regulations affect us and we will be in touch before the end of May with more details.

Do please respond then…

For now, all our thanks

Sara and the team

Refugees At Home