To S (at Refugees at Home): Thank you for accepting my application and my referral, considering the high demand for hosts in London and the fact that I was fining it quite difficult to find a suitable place, you helped me find one, I really do appreciate your help. Your Scheme has also helped me to take a deep breath after coming out of the rigorous  asylum process , and most importantly to figure out how to move on with life. I  have managed to secure an offer at university and find a job , I wouldn’t have been able to do so if I didn’t have a temporary stable place to stay, so thank you.

To L and A (my hosts): My Sincere thanks for having me in your home , I cant express how grateful I am for not just hosting me but also for your warm welcome, your thoughtfulness , and for your help when I needed. I cherish all the memories we had together , our conversations,our laughter and of course food!

με πολλή ευγνωμοσύνη και αγάπη

My sincere thanks.