I would say thankyou to all of you for the incredible support you have done for me. I just moved to my new room.
E at Crisis in London
I and G – my previous host family- my life time friends, I visited you last week bust still missing you.
R -refugee at home
K and D – my current host family- family- my life time friends
I so much appreciate K and D for the time I had with them. They are very special people. They are very welcoming and kind. D – I’ll keep on taking my piano lessens..
They took me to interesting places  around Bristol, country side and to some  events.  By watching and assisting I improved my cooking skills. They have very friendly family… I am glad I have got friends.
Generally, they eased up the tension and frustration I had before I came to Bristol. Thankyou K and D.
E and refugee at home thankyou for the working on this. You are helping people in need.
God bless all,