Dear Hosts, Home Visitors & Supporters,


So again the miracle-workers in the team and volunteers did their stuff and we did get everyone hosted over the holiday period. We are so grateful to those who hosted a new guest, those who squeezed and snuggled up to make room for an existing guest as well as visiting family and to those who came forward and we are reserving for next year. It’s great to have the latter on the books as it will make upcoming holiday periods easier all round.


The combination of Christmas and the news agenda at the end of last year had us appearing all over the place from BBC2 to TalkRadio and local blogs.
What we seem to be finding out is that talking specifically about hosting and its joys is a really successful way of encouraging new hosts to come forward – always our aim – plus our theory that many potential hosts need to hear about us more than once before coming forward, means we’ve been willing to step up and speak, even when it’s not all about hosting.
This piece in the Guardian – all and only about hosting and its benefits to all involved – was just lovely and brought forward more than a dozen new hosts. So three cheers for Belinda, Abdullah, their families and Donna, the journalist:


FEBRUARY 6th 2019 7.30pm

Concert in Wimbledon by Margaret Fingerhut
Margaret is performing around the country to support refugees – and we are lucky enough to be at the beginning of her schedule.
Her concert, “Far from the home I love” will feature a newly commissioned piece by a Kurdish Syrian refugee and other music on a theme of exile and homesickness.
Margaret Fingerhut
Tickets available through


We will be celebrating our 3rd birthday – and the need for a very brief AGM – in the company of our ace lawyers, Travers Smith, at their offices in Snow Hill EC4. We are so grateful to them for donating not just the space but everything (including their wholly fab canapés).
We will be looking back to what we’ve achieved and forward to what’s next, but mostly we will be meeting each other – sometimes being wholly virtual just isn’t enough!
We don’t have room for everyone we love and who hosts and home visits for Refugees At Home and but we still have 15 – 20 tickets for hosts and guests who would like to come. Here’s the invite, complete with how to reply.
Invite to AGM


I promised last time that we would have news about a treasurer to take over from the wonderful Donna Williams – who has done it gallantly from the very start of Refugees At Home. We are so grateful to her for everything she has achieved over the last three years, but can quite see that enough is enough.
We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Hughes will be taking over and has already joined the board. Jonathan is an experienced host with Refugees At Home and so really understands what we do. He is a qualified accountant with a professional background in Risk (and, we hope, how to avoid risky things!)


Seville Oranges
The Seville oranges are in season again and our thoughts turn to marmalade – Paddington’s favourite food – as a way of spreading our message about hosting and the importance of homes and kitchens and sharing – alongside raising some funds. We’d love people to associate marmalade with hosting in the way daffodils make you think Marie Curie.
I thought it might help to include the labels our clever Siobhan designed for just this purpose. Do please send photos of any you make.
Marmalade Label saying Migration is not a crime
Marmalade Label with a picture of Paddington Bear
Watch out for our next newsletter, after a short gap while we catch our breath. And until we write again, thanks so much to all host and home visitors, those who volunteer and donate. Refugees At Home is the sum of all that everyone does – and it’s certainly worth doing, now more than ever.
Sara and the team