Last month, CNN met Belinda, one of our fabulous hosts who has thus far welcomed 11 refugees into her home.

Belinda and her family have had guests from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, and she offers them not only a safe place but also a second family in the UK.

This wonderful video highlights the spirit behind the work Refugees at Home does, and the relationships built between hosts and guests around the country.

You can watch the full video below.

CNN Life Changers: Meet the woman opening her London home to refugees

“We offer a family to someone who may have lost theirs.”

In the next edition of our CNN Life Changers series, I meet Belinda Drake, who’s opened her London home to 11 refugees to date.

They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries- many of them fleeing for their lives.

Belinda has given them a lot more than just a home, and says she’ll continue taking refugees in for as long as she feels she’s making a difference.

Here’s their story.

Posted by Hala Gorani on Thursday, 28 February 2019