Any of us could be refugees if circumstances change.

For many, getting a helping hand and somewhere to stay at a time of crisis, is all they need to get established in a new life. We match those with a spare room in their homes with refugees and asylum seekers who need a place to stay.


Yvette Ball

Yvette is chair of Refugees at Home. Her key role is to bring the Board together to set the strategic direction for Refugees at Home. As the former chair of a homelessness charity and with a history of refugees in her own family, she knows how crucial it is to provide help to those who have had to leave their country with minimal means of support but to rely on the goodwill of others

Daniel Gerring

Daniel helped set up Refugees at Home in 2015 and has been actively involved in running the charity and hosting ever since. As a senior partner at City law firm Travers Smith, he is well placed to help keep us on the straight and narrow in terms of our governance and adherence with the many, many rules and regulations which we need to follow.

Jon Hughes

Jon found the experience of hosting a Syrian asylum seeker so rewarding he decided to join the organisation. After a career in finance and risk management Jon’s focus as our treasurer is on our finance and risk management. Jon is driven by making life fair - for everyone

Marion Kafetz

Marion is a retired Social Care Senior Manager and qualified social worker, experienced in safeguarding, counselling and mediation, welfare rights and housing. She has been home visiting and offering support and advice to new home visitors since the charity was founded. She has hosted for the last 2 years too, an experience she describes as enlightening and enriching. Her key responsibilities are safeguarding, supporting Home Visitors and developing local networks.

Sara Nathan

Sara was a co-founder of Refugees At Home in 2015 and has been actively engaged ever since. She has hosted twenty one guests from seven nationalities for stays from one day to nine months. Her key responsibilities are core operations, media and social media, and she is active in our fundraising team. Before Refugees At Home started to absorb all her energies, Sara had a portfolio career in the public sector as a broadcast journalist and regulator.

Rebecca Del Tufo

Rebecca is a former solicitor who worked in corporate litigation. She has subsequently worked for the University of Cambridge and has set up, run and programmed an independent cinema. She has served on the boards of various small charities.

Julia Barbosa

Julia is a development and effectiveness specialist, with a consistent track-record of leading people and organisations through change, equipping others with tools and skills to thrive. She works as a facilitator and strategist, leading global strategic projects focusing on improving personal and business capability. Julia has also hosted through Refugees At Home.

Ahmad Al-Rashid

Ahmad Al-Rashid was born in Aleppo, Syria. He studied English literature before fleeing the country due to the conflict to the Kurdistan region of Iraq late 2012. Ahmad worked there as a volunteer teaching English in the Syrian refugee camps. In mid-2013 he joined UNICEF to work for both the Syrian refugee response and the Iraqi displaced people response after Mosul fell for ISIS in 2014. Since his arrival in the UK mid-2015, Ahmad has been working with various groups and organizations raising awareness about the Syrian crisis and the plight of refugees in the region. In 2017, Ahmad graduated from SOAS – University of London. He holds an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development.

Oliver Bethell

IT Trustee at Refugees at Home since November 2019, supporting the charity with technology oversight and support. Chief Technology Officer at Travers Smith with overall responsibility for all technology operations at the firm. Previously at Freshfields in programme delivery and technology strategy roles – background in technology, leading tech teams and delivering large programmes at law firms.

Anne Race

Host Engagement Trustee since November 2019, supporting the charity with strategic planning behind host recruitment. Anne has worked with some of the UK’s leading charities such as Save the Children, The Children’s Society and Great Ormond Street. A founding partner at Flying Cars Innovation, an agency that helps the charity sector to find new ways to engage the public, this Japanese-Geordie believes that diversity of thought is key to innovation, merging existing ideas in unusual ways. Gregg’s Pasty sushi roll anyone?

Lauren Scott

Lauren is our Executive Director and has been part of the team since 2018. Working closely with our Trustees and placement team, Lauren is responsible for the effective delivery of our day to day operations and development of our projects. After graduating from the University of Dundee with a Masters in International Criminal Justice and Human Rights, Lauren developed her frontline and managerial experience working with charities across London. This includes frontline experience of working with families in crisis and managing a winter night shelter, which supported asylum seekers and refugees with temporary accommodation.