Guest Resources

Who are we? 

Refugees at Home is a national UK charity, which supports destitute asylum seekers and refugees by matching them with a host . We are an independent charity and are not connected to the government or the Home Office. All our hosts are volunteers and do not get paid. 

Who can we help?

We can help refugees and asylum seekers that are actively engaged in the asylum process and have a plan to move on from hosting. Hosting is temporary and we expect all guests to be working with professionals, such as their referrer, solicitor and support workers to help progress their case and move on from hosting.

If you are an asylum seeker, you will have a referrer, who will keep us updated on your situation and support you to move on from hosting. If you are a Refugee and have self-referred to us, we expect that you will be updating us regularly on your situation and be exploring move on accommodation options. Unfortunately, we are unable to host people as an alternative to Home Office accommodation (NASS).

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