Empty Flat or House? Here’s how you can help during a crisis!

April 2, 2020 2:25 pm

Hosting is still happening across several cities. Our hosts are amazing and we so appreciate all those who are continuing to have one or more people to stay.

But we can see that some placements will have to end before the current crisis does.

One of the ways we would like to move some people on is temporarily into any empty houses while our trusted referrers explore other options.

Absentee hosting has worked really well before – we’ve done it in various parts of London and also in Liverpool. We only ever place pre-hosted guests who are really responsible and it’s not been problematic. But it does take some organizing.

Do you have an empty, furnished house in a city –particularly in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Cardiff – which you might be able to lend for all or part of the duration?

Or do you have a friend or relative who could help likewise.

Please email us at info@refugeesathome.org if you would like to discuss the possibility of absentee hosting

Many thanks and please stay well