Haynes Boone LLP open their doors to Refugees At Home

February 26, 2020 9:48 am

Read about our latest interview with Haynes Boone LLP, who support us with office space once a week. Our Senior Manager, Lauren, is pictured with Brad Richards, a partner at the firm.

What is Refugees At Home?
Refugees At Home is a charity that provides altruistic hosting to people claiming asylum in the UK and to those who have recently received their Refugee status. Our small placement team is based in London, but we make placements for our guests with volunteers across the United Kingdom. Our aim is to be as flexible as we can so that we can host those who really need us; single men and women, parents with children, young adults leaving the care system – all who would otherwise find themselves sleeping in dangerous situations. 

We work closely with our trusted referral partners to ensure those we host are getting all the support that they need, whether that is to pursue an asylum claim or to help find work and accommodation once they are able to. 

How do we use Haynes and Boone’s offices?
Every Friday, our team gets to use one of the lovely Haynes and Boone rooms. As we are a small charity, every penny counts. Thanks to Haynes and Boone, our costs stay low which means we can invest properly in other areas – primarily in our dedicated team and bursaries for our amazing hosts and guests. 

Our team is also remotely based. We all work from home and rely on emails and What’s app to work together, which can be quite tricky during emergencies. Thanks to Haynes and Boone, our team is strengthened by the incredibly valuable day together, allowing us to talk through our complex cases, celebrate our wins and plan for the coming weeks. 

What is the best thing about being hosted at Haynes and Boone?
Every week we are greeted by the very welcoming and friendly Haynes Boone team, who have instantly made us feel right at home. Being hosted by Haynes and Boone has contributed to the stability and well being of our team, allowing us to best support our guests and hosts. Having had no face to face time for our team in previous years, the difference this has made is quite hard to put into words.