R@H on Independent’s Happy List

July 7, 2019 6:02 pm

Every year The Independent publishes a ‘Happy List’ of 50 ‘outstanding people whose volunteering, caring, fundraising, mentoring, charity work or selflessness make Britain a happier place to live.’

This year we are delighted that Refugees at Home host and organiser Constance Nash is featured on their list.

Constance is a key member of our charity, and the Independent has the following to say about her wonderful work:

“The powerhouse behind the Dorking group Refugees at Home, Constance helps to provide short, mid and long term accommodation for asylum seekers in private homes. These refugees lose accommodation and support as soon as they receive the leave to remain status and often end up homeless. Constance has housed many in her family home, as well as overseeing the support of many others, one of whom commented “she has helped change the way people perceive the refugee crisis and migration in a well informed and above all positive and cheerful way”.”

You can read about the other 49 members of the list here…