• 1. Open Invitation Email

    Look out for an email sent by invites@microsoft.com, It's helpful to search the email address in your main search bar if you have a populated inbox. Please also check your spam/junk folder if you do not see this email in your main inbox. 

    1. Open Invitation Email
  • 2. Click 'Accept Invitation' Link

    Once you click the 'Accept Invitation' link you will be directed to a new Microsoft sign in page. You should see the email address you have been invited with. 

    If not sign out of any other logged in email address connected on this Microsoft sign in page. 

    2. Click 'Accept Invitation' Link
  • 3. Send verification code to your mailbox

    Once clicking on this button you should receive a 8-digit code in your mailbox. This is usually instant and shouldn't take any longer than a minute.  

    3. Send verification code to your mailbox
  • 4. Copy 8-digit verification code

    4. Copy 8-digit verification code
  • 5. Input 8-digit code & Sign in

    5. Input 8-digit code & Sign in
  • 6. Accept Permissions

    6. Accept Permissions
  • 7. Welcome to your portal dashboard

    Welcome to your portal page, you should see a navigation bar like this. You can click on profile to edit your accommodation details if you are a host. If you would like to update your email address you can get in contact with us at - info@refugeesathome.org

    7. Welcome to your portal dashboard

    Our team will be in contact with you throughout your hosting journey and, because we will be sharing information about potential and past guests with you we must do this in a secure way.

    We communicate with our amazing Home Visitors securely too, so that they can receive details of home visits they will be carrying out, and to send the report from the Home Visit to us.

    In order to receive this information, our Hosts and Home Visitors are given access to our secure portal via the email address they have used to register with us.  Here we provide you with a link to our portal, as well as tips on how to use it.

    Please note, that you will not be able to log in on the link above until you have accepted the invitation that was sent to you.

    Trouble shooting tips for using our portal 

    • The portal works best on a computer rather than a phone or tablet.  If you are able, try to access the portal via a laptop 
    • If you are able to access the portal, but seeing a blank page, clear your browser and try again 
    • Make sure you check your spam or junk folder for an email from ‘invites@microsoft.com’ with the subject “Microsoft Invitations on behalf of Refugees at Home”
    • Your initial invitation to the portal will expire, it’s recommended that you accept this as soon as possible 
    • Once you have successfully accepted your invitation, use the link on this page to access the portal
    • Ensure you are using the email address you gave us when you originally registered with us 

    If you cannot log in to the portal after following the above steps, please contact our team on info@refugeesathome.org