If you have got some spare time and would like to be involved, please get in touch and tell us what sort of things you would like to do, what skills and experience you have and how much time you have available.

The sorts of things we need help with include:

  • Upkeep of our resource database – used by hosts who want to find out about resources to support them or their guest in the area local to them
  • Supporting the hosting process by entering data into our database or setting up and managing placements. We all work virtually so all you need is a computer or laptop and minimal computer skills
  • Responding to the many requests from the media
  • Helping manage our social media profile
  • IT and technical support – we have a central database which allows us to work so quickly and efficiently
  • Fundraising – especially applying for funding from funding agencies and large companies (payroll giving for example) – we have recently taken on an admin worker for the hosting team and support our guests with travel costs when this is needed
  • Hub development – local hubs bring hosts, home visitors and guests in an area together. We need help to develop local hubs, gathering information about local resources, creating a network, linking with other local groups, host-raising and perhaps in time making and managing local placement. That whole process will also need support from the central team
  • Support and coordination of volunteers
  • Translation for those who do not speak English well to support communication between guests and hosts

We will need you to supply details of 2 referees who can confirm that you are suitable for this sort of work.

We also need to ask all volunteers to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as we hold information about our hosts and guests within the database and take great care to protect their privacy.

You can make an offer to volunteer using this form. Please fill in as much as you can, but only the fields marked with a * are required.

We are having temporary problems with our volunteer form. The form may possibly get stuck on the Submit button, but your form will be received and processed by us. Apologies for the inconvenience.